Two Nuns Encounter a Suspicious Follower on the Street

Sister Michael, the more experienced nun, devised a plan for herself and Sister Patrick as they noticed a man following them while walking down the street. She suggested that they should take different directions at the crossroad ahead, so the man wouldn’t be able to follow both of them, and meet again at the Abbey.

As they separated, the man chose to follow Sister Michael. Sometime later, Sister Michael returned to the Abbey alone, making Sister Patrick worried. She asked what had happened to the man.

Sister Michael shared her clever trick, saying that she stopped and lifted her dress after a few minutes, which caused the man to stop and pull down his trousers. Shocked, Sister Patrick asked why she would do such a thing.

Sister Michael explained that a nun with her dress up can run faster than a man with his trousers down, which was the perfect way to escape the man’s pursuit.

Sister Patrick, although still somewhat scandalized by Sister Michael’s quick thinking, couldn’t help but admire her ingenuity. She knew that Sister Michael had been in the convent for many years and had a lot of experience in dealing with difficult situations.

Sister Michael, on the other hand, was relieved that they had both made it back to the Abbey safely. She knew that the man following them could have had bad intentions, and was grateful that her plan had worked.

As they sat down to recount their experience and have a cup of tea, Sister Patrick asked Sister Michael how she had come up with such a daring plan. Sister Michael simply smiled and said, “My dear Sister Patrick, you learn a few things in life when you’ve been around for as long as I have.”

The two nuns shared a laugh, grateful for their safety and each other’s company, and continued with their day. But Sister Patrick couldn’t help but wonder what other tricks and wisdom Sister Michael had up her sleeve, and she made a mental note to learn as much as she could from her wise and experienced companion.

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