Three Brothers Want To Do Something Great For Their Mother’s Birthday.

Three brothers want to do something great for their mother’s birthday.

All three men are wealthy as two of them are doctors and one is a lawyer.

The eldest son proclaimed that he’d buy a big new house for their mother to live in and did so.

The middle son proclaimed that he’d buy an expensive and fast new car for their mother and did so.

Then the youngest son who was a lawyer proclaimed he had the best gift of all and presented a parrot that was painstakingly trained to speak bible verses it had memorized. And the training for the parrot costed over one hundred thousand dollars. But the youngest son proclaimed that it would all be worth it as their mother was lonely and old, and she’d love a bird who could speak the bible with her.

A week later the three brothers get a message from their mother. To the first brother the mother said “I do adore the beautiful new house. But it’s so very large and I only live in a small part of it, yet I have to clean the whole thing. And my back hurts me so.”

To the second brother the mother said “I do love the new car. But I can’t drive it because my eyes are really bad now. And it’s so fast I don’t think I could anyway.”

To the third and youngest brother the mother said “It’s just so wonderful. You out of all my sons gave me the best gift of all. It was exactly what I wanted. Thank you son. The chicken was delicious.”

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