The Teacher Wants Her Students To Express Their Love To Their Mothers

The teacher wants her students to express their love to their mother, so she asks them to create a sentence with the phrase “There is only one mom”.

It’s the first student’s time, and he answers the teacher:

“My mom always tells me stories and gives me a kiss before I sleep, so I love her. There is only one mom!”

“Farewell. That seen like a nice mother” – says the teachers. She then points towards another student – “It’s your turn now”.

“I had a cold last week and my mom took care of me. She gave me medicine and made me hot cocoa. There is only one mom, so I love her!”

The teacher smiles and then asks Little Johnny to create his sentence:

“Well” – he started – “My mother was watching tv yesterday, and she wanted something to drink. She then asked me to grab three beers on the fridge. I went to the kitchen and opened it, but there was only one beer. So I said her: there is only one, mom!”

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