The Police Dispatch Picks Up The Phone.

The police dispatch picks up the phone and writes down the call for help:
“Please send someone urgent, a cat has broken in!”
The police dispatcher responded,
“Sir, I don’t think I heard you correctly? A cat at your home?”
“A cat! He has invaded my house and is walking towards me!”
Again the police dispatch tried to correct him
“But how so? You mean a thief?”
“NO! I’m talking about a fre@king cat, the one that does ‘meow, meow’, and it’s coming my way!…. You have to come now!”
“So what about this cat coming toward you?” the officer replies trying to grasp the situation
“He’s going to kill me, now he’s going mental! And you will be the reason I die”
“Who is talking?” the officer asks
The parrot, you jac**ss!

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