The Deceased Man in the Expertly Tailored Black Suit

The mortician, a blonde woman, inquired with the deceased man’s wife about how she wanted him dressed for his funeral. The wife noticed that he looked good in the black suit he was wearing, but insisted that he looked his best in blue. She gave the mortician a blank check and instructed her to spare no expense in getting her husband a blue suit for the viewing.

The following day, the woman returned for the wake and was thrilled to see her husband looking handsome and well-dressed in a perfectly-fitted blue suit with a subtle chalk stripe.

When she asked the mortician how much she owed for the suit, the mortician handed her the blank check and informed her that there was no charge. The wife insisted on paying, but the mortician told her that it was not necessary as the cost was zero.

The mortician then revealed that shortly after the wife had left, another deceased man of a similar size was brought in wearing a stunning blue suit. The mortician asked the man’s wife if it was alright to bury him in a black suit, and she agreed as long as he looked good. The mortician then switched the suits and heads, leaving the widow’s husband in the blue suit she desired.

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