Little Jonny Is All Grown Up.

Little Jonny is all grown up.

He’s sitting in a bar one day and in walks a young woman.

She goes up to the bartender and says

” I’ll tell a joke and you tell a joke. If mine is better than yours, you buy me a drink. If yours is better than mine, I’ll buy you a drink”,

Well the bartender hears all kinds of jokes and riddles all the time, so he says

” Go ahead. I can top anything you can”.

She says” Six times six is 36 and 3 is 39. I can guess the length of yours, but you can’t guess the depth of mine”.

He thought about that and says

” That’s pretty good. I’ll buy you a drink”.

She then sees Little Jonny at the end of the bar and thinks, aww there’s me another drink.

She walk’s over to him and says the same thing.

Little Jonny thinks about it a minute and says

“I got a better one.. 6times 6 is 36 and 3 is 39, I can pee in yours, but you can’t pee in mine”.

What do you think?

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