Johnny Was Riding His New Christmas Bike.

Little Johnny was riding his new Christmas bike when he rode past Little Susie, who was jumping rope.

Little Johnny said,

“You want to go for a ride on my new bike?”

Little Susie said, “You are a nasty little boy and I don’t trust you!”.

After some convincing, Little Susie climbed upon Johnny’s bike.

They rode up and down hills, hitting a few bumps.

Little Johnny smiled and was breathing hard.

Finally, Little Susie said,

“Let me off, you are up to something.”

Little Johnny just kept on smiling, when she climbed down.

Little Susie said, “I probably shouldn’t have gotten on your bike, I wasn’t wearing any underwear.”

Little Johnny responded,

“If you knew it was a girl’s bike, you probably wouldn’t have gotten on either!”

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