Do You Know My Father Is A Doctor?

Guy 1: “Do you know my father is a doctor?”

Guy 2: Wow! My father is a doctor too!

Guy 1: Phillip is my last name.

Guy 2 [excited]: Omg! My surname is Phillip too.

Guy 1: I’m 23 years old.

Guy 2: What? Get out of here [laughing], I’m also 23 years old.

Guy 1: Don’t tell me that you are born on the 14th of August, and you went to Lusaka primary school?

Guy 2: Yes, I was born at 14th August. Tell me I’m dreaming because I also went to Lusaka. [They both cried, and hugged each other]

*A guy sitting next to them asks the bartender,*

“What’s wrong with these 2 guys?”

The bartender answered, “Dont mind these stupid boys, they are Dr. Phillip’s twins and are very drunk.”


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