A Man Walks Into A Bar And Quickly Orders 12 Of The Most Expensive Whiskey Shots.

A man walks into a bar and quickly orders 12 of the most expensive whiskey shots.

The bartender lines 12 up shot glasses and fills them up.

The man quickly downs all 12 of them back to back and taps the bar, “again.”

The bartender looks a little surprised but lines up 12 more shots.

The man quickly fired all 12 of the most expensive whiskey shots and hit the bar again.

The bartender, clearly concerned, fills up 12 more shots and lines them on the bar.

The man quickly downs all 12 shots and hits the bar, “again.”

The bartender says, “hold up man! You gotta slow down!”

The man said, “Believe me, if you had what I had, you’d be drinking this fast too.”

“My God,” the bartender says, quietly leaning over the bar he asks, “what do you HAVE?”

“A dollar.”


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