A Man Takes His Pet Lobsters Out For A Swim.

Here is a joke about a man that is caught with a bucket full of lobsters. He is caught by the Beach’s Warden and to get out of trouble he makes up this brilliant story. Continue to read to hear how he got away with it…. This is truly genius!

A Game Warden is walking along a beach one morning when he spots a man with a bucket of lobsters. The Warden walks up to the man, flashes his badge and says, “You’re in big trouble, buddy. Poaching lobsters is a serious offence.”

The man answers, “You’ve got it all wrong, these lobsters are my pets! Every morning I take them out for some exercise. I let them swim around in the ocean for a few minutes and then whistle them back in.”

The Warden looks at the man skeptically and says, “Okay then, prove it.”

The man proceeds to throw the lobsters into the ocean and both he and the Warden stand there waiting. After a couple minutes the Warden looks at the man and says, “That’s long enough, now whistle your lobsters back in.” The man turns to the Warden and says “Lobsters? What lobsters?”

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