A Man Goes To Church To Confess His Sins

A man goes to church to confess his sins…

He steps into the confessional and says “Bless me Father for I have sinned. I stole wood from the local lumber yard.”

The Priest responds, “Well son how much did you steal, it may not be so bad.”

“Well Father, with the wood I was able to build a house for my new dog in the backyard.”

“My son, this is not so bad. 10 Hail Marys and 5 Our Fathers and you shall be cleansed.”

The man interrupts, “Um Father, there was some wood left over, so I used it to build a fence around my yard.”

The Priest was surprised. “My child, that’s a bit worse. You’ll have to do 2 full rosaries.”

The man speaks up again. “Father, you see there was still some wood left and I used it to build an extension on my house.”

The Priest sighed with discomfort. “Oh dear my child. You’ll need to do some real penance for that. Our church courtyard could use an update. Do you know how to build a gazebo?”

The man replied, “No father, but if you have the plans, I have the wood.”

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