A Man Finds A Magic Lamp

A man finds a magic lamp.

You know the drill, he rubs the lamp, Genie pops out and says he can have 3 wishes. “But there’s a catch”, says the Genie. “I won’t grant any of your wishes until you are done making all 3”.

“Okay”, replies the man. He knows these things can go poorly so he deliberates for a bit before responding. “People who ask for infinite wealth end up unhappy because they haven’t earned it, so I’d like to be made a doctor. That way I can help people and earn my money.”

“Okay, and the other 2?”

“Well, doctors often have a poor work-life balance, and I love golf, so I want you to ensure that I’ll have time for 18 holes a day.”

“No problem, you have one wish left.”

“Hmm… well I will already have a doctor’s salary, and enough time to do what I love, I would like my last wish to benefit others. Can you make it so that whenever I meet someone I change their lives? I want to touch people in a deep, meaningful way.

“Wow okay,” says the Genie, “these wishes should be pretty easy to fulfill.” So the Genie made the man a Proctologist.


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