A Man Asks His Doctor: “Do You Think I’ll Live To Be A Hundred?”

A man asks his doctor: “Do you think I’ll live to be a hundred?”.

The doctor asks the man “Well, that depends. Do you drink?”

“Oh, no sir! I abstain from all alcohol. Soda, too. I just drink plenty of fresh water.”

“Do you smoke?”

“No, sir! Never smoked in my life, and I stay away from any place with second hand smoke.”

“Do you eat a lot of sugary and greasy foods?”

“No, sir! I carefully watch my diet and caloric intake, and I’m sure to eat plenty of vegetables.”

“Do you go to parties? Stay up late? Are you sexually promiscuous?”

“Not at all! Early to bed and early to rise! And abstinence is key.”

The doctor raises an eyebrow at the man. “So… Why exactly do you want to live to be a hundred?”

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