A Guy With A 25-Inch Willy Went To A Doctor!

A guy with a 25-inch Willy went to a Doctor and said. “I can’t live with this big willy anymore! It’s too long.”
The Doctor replied. “I can’t do anything for you, but if you see the Witch Doctor, down in the Bayou, she can help you.”

So, he went to the Bayou and saw the Witch Doctor.
The Witch Doctor said. “Go into the swamp and find a female frog. Ask her to marry you, she’ll say no and you’ll lose 5 inches off your member immediately.”

So, he went to the swamp and found the female frog and asked her. “Will you marry me?”
“NO.” She said. And right enough, he lost 5 inches off his member.

The guy liked the results and thought 20 inches is still just a little too much. So he asked the frog again. “Will You Marry Me?”
The frog said. “NO.” And the guy lost another 5 inches.

He thought, good, 15 inches is great but 10 inches would just be perfect. So he asked her again. “Will You Marry Me?”
And the frog said. “How many times do I have to tell you.. NO..! NO..! NO…!”

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